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Chavdar Petkov
Chavdar's motto is simple: Whatever you do, try to be the best. Think positive, be passionate, lead by example. Open your heart and mind for new people and fresh ideas. Treat people with respect; help them reveal their best sides. Enjoy life. And he believes that this motto applies 100% to his work as real estate salesperson. What could be better than seeing happy faces of your clients and customers after a successful sale? What is better than helping people achieve their dreams and getting a home? Is there a greater satisfaction than words of gratitude for the job well done? For years Chavdar helped his lifetime partner Vanya in her work as real estate agent. Being a confidant and support to a busy real estate salesperson is a great training and perfect way to get interested in real estate. In 2014 Chavdar decided it is time to formally join the industry. Almost 3 years and many successful sales later Chavdar said: "I like it, it provides challenges and rewards every day. And the new technologies and marketing tools make every new day more demanding but also more productive - I am happy I am part of One Agency and together with its great team we are presenting the new face of real estate." Chavdar has great marketing and negotiating skills polished during the years of work for many private and government organisations. He knows that the great service starts with listening and understanding the needs and expectations of the customers. Chavdar knows how to maintain focus and self-discipline and knows that transparency, punctuality and sticking to the promised actions is of great importance, especially in real estate. Chavdar has always been driven by desire for success. Now he wants to be one the best real estate agents. You must take advantage of his drive - just call and ask for his services. You won't be disappointed, that's for sure!