From serving in the British army, managing bars and restaurants in London and an owner operator of an iconic coffee shop in Wanaka with my wife, I'd have to say that I've been around the block!

On leaving school, catering college was calling me and I trained for 3 years as a chef. But, after a stint in the channel Islands I headed back to the North East of England and took a position running a kitchen in a local wine bar. Little did I know that within a couple of months a career change was on the horizon and in 1988 I joined an Infantry regiment in the British army. 5 years later and a civilian again, I went back to hospitality and joined a small pub company in London as one of their managers running all manner of bars and restaurants within the city. During this time in the late 90's, I met a very smart, gorgeous Kiwi lady called Nicki (now my wife of 18 years) and, in the November 1999 we married in Arrowtown then head back to London for a couple of years before moving here for good in 2002. We owned a well known coffee shop in Wanaka until 2009, and, in that time we had our daughter Holly in 2006 and established a base in Invercargill in the same year to be closer to family. My wife established herself in the finance community and I became, what it seemed at the time, one of Invercargill's first stay at home dad's. I loved the role to the point that I volunteered at the local Plunket Society and ran the weekly music and movement group for a year... Great fun!! When Holly started Kindie, I took on a new challenge and trained as a swimming teacher and spring board instructor at the local swimming pool. They were fantastic times. I'd been at the pool for 3-4 years when I was asked by the owners of an award winning cafe in town to help out and cover as one of them had had an accident that involved a chainsaw, tree and ladder. 3 months was the recovery time but I ended up staying for just over a year as I was having so much fun. In that time I studied and qualified as a salesperson and joined the Professionals team in the February of 2015. I love this industry. Transparency, customer care, commitment and going above and beyond are words that would describe me. I hope to hear from you soon.