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Christine Morrison
Christine is a familiar face to many who have dealt with her over the years. It is through her enjoyment of helping people that has lead her to Real Estate as she sees this as a great opportunity to help guide people when making such an important decision. 'It's a great fit for me with my background of estate & trust work which encompassed buying and selling houses for my clients and also knowing that my clients & customers always knew they could rely on me to be professional and trustworthy'. If you are contemplating selling your property, maybe moving into a retirement village or downsizing, Christine would love to call in, complete a no obligation market appraisal for you with the very experienced team at the Professionals and submit a plan to you suggesting the best way to market your home and the price range you should expect. If you would like Christine's help about making your decision on your next big move, please contact her directly. Helping people make good decisions Approachable - Loyal - Caring