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Maureen Vogt
Maureen Vogt loves working with people to achieve their property goals. Maureen’s comprehensive nursing and real estate background have ensured she has a strong understanding of the mechanics of both building and maintaining sound relationships with trust and openness always being at the foundation, therefore ensuring successful real estate transactions for each and every client. Having owned, renovated and built properties over the years, along with her husband Steve and two teenage daughters, Maureen understands the passion and emotion that is intertwined with each and every real estate transaction, always ensuring that the buying and selling process can be as smooth and stress-free as is possible. Maureen is a client focused, up front and straight talking professional with a keen sense of humour and ‘can-do’ down to earth attitude, couple all of this with the power house of the Kapiti DWRE Professionals team, for an absolute winning combination. Best move you could make right now is to give Maureen a call to discuss your next move.