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Lower Hutt

Shane Adams
I work for you. That is a promise I make to every home owner that decides to sell through me. Some salespeople have a passion for property, my passion is for negotiation. Previously working as an abseil and kayak instructor, having to talk adults into completing outdoor activities, I understand that the words you use can have a significant impact on how much you can get out of some one. The same goes for real estate where the negotiation starts when you first meet a buyer, every interaction could either have a positive or negative effect on how much they perceive a property to be worth. The results are proven in the response that comes from the owners of the properties I have sold for. I have been brought up and trained by the best negotiators, a mother who owned an antiques shop and a father who is a leading share broker. There are many other qualifications behind my name but when it comes to real estate this is the most important one. If you only want to sell your house you may as well do it yourself but if you’re after the best price, then it’s simple, you need to give me a call. Contact Shane Adams today for any of your property needs.