Ken Scott and Aliah McDowell

Working together building a strong and successful family and business!

The sale or purchase of your home is often one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Therefore it is important to choose real estate professionals that are client focused, proactive communicators with a superior knowledge of the local area. Ken and Aliah are committed to providing real estate services that deliver on these qualities.

Having recently bought into the family business of Professionals Patrick and Scott Ltd,Ken is a director of the company and is fully immersed in the day to day running of the business as well as specialising in sales.

Ken has had an affiliation with farming and real estate his whole life, he is up to date with modern farming systems and knows how to maximise production and profit from the land. Raised in the Wairarapa, Ken knows the province like the back of his hand. Soil types, climate and most importantly, the people from Wellington to Hawkes Bay.

Graduating from Smedley in 2003, Ken has held various farm positions, from self-employed casual mustering, a fencing business to farm management - he has done the lot! Kens background and experience highlights his business sense and ability to organise and negotiate. He is also an accomplished shearer, having shorn in the back blocks throughout Australasia for the last 10 years. This attests to his ability to develop a good rapport with landowners and people from all walks of life.

Aliah came to New Zealand from Australia to plant her roots and work with Ken. They now have two beautiful children and the beginnings of their own stake in the farming industry, albeit small scale at this stage. Aliah is a talented, multi skilled salesperson who will strive to understand and meet your needs in the real estate market. Aliah comes from outback Australia, and has experience in the tourism industry working with camels, sailing boats and 4x4 tours. During this time, she became very adept at logistics and dealing with the wants and needs of people out of their comfort zone.

Aliah has never been afraid of giving things a go, this is highlighted with her time spent driving heavy machinery in the mining industry. She has also, up until recently been heavily involved in running her family owned café producing top quality cuisine. Her people skills are second to none.

During her many adventures, Aliah has met and dealt with people from all walks of life. Her ability to think quickly on her feet allows her to be creative when problematic situations arise.

Ken and Aliah both see the importance of strong communities and place an emphasis on good family values. They are driven to succeed – not only by their own passion, but are inspired by the excellence around them in the team at Professionals.

Aliah and Ken take pride in doing the job very well, and their client management and communication skills are second to none. Their desire to succeed will ensure that your property is marketed to the widest possible audience with the best possible result.

Ken and Aliah look forward to meeting you to discuss the best approach to ensure a positive outcome for your property sale.