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Jen Martin
People First has always been my goal. I began my career in the real estate industry in the Mid 2000's and for me is all about ensuring that my clients have a professional delivery of service and regular communication ensuring that no stone is left unturned in helping people achieve their goals providing them with links to other service providers that will compliment and ensure more timeliness of information. Hi I am Jenny and I come from a background of Healthcare Management within the community to the older person, and the disabled, plus also have been involved in adult teaching in the areas of literacy, numeracy and computing. I have found that there is always a solution, a way forward, and with the right tools, the right person with the right focus - goals can always be achieved. Let’s face it – when it comes to real estate you want to work with a person who has a thorough working knowledge of the area and someone who treats you as “the most important person in the equation” whether it be selling or purchasing. Your salesperson should have the get up and go to make it happen for you based on all available information and the confidence and experience to look at different opportunities. Real estate has been my chosen profession for over 19 years now and it’s the best career choice I’ve made. I am committed to this business, and this business is about making a potentially bumpy and stressful ride as hassle-free for my clients as possible. My strengths include (but not limited to!) great marketing ideas, strategic negotiation, working out comfortable solutions for thorny issues and I have the patience of a saint (usually)! Being a natural optimist and a positive person has been enormously helpful to me in Real Estate.