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Why choose me to sell your property?

Choosing the right real estate person to sell your property is not an easy decision to make – especially when there are so many of us out there promising the same thing.

So what sets me apart from all the rest? Why am I the number one salesperson for Professionals Wellington City and Suburbs?

Yes, my extensive market knowledge is very important – knowing what the Wellington property market is doing at all times is a vital part of my job.

Also, being part of a very respected national real estate marketing group and being able to access their huge data-bases and their digital and social media marketing infrastructures is critical to my success.

But, the single most important reason you should choose me to sell your home is that I have a proven sales record of achieving the very best final price possible, more often than not exceeding my vendors’ expectations by obtaining a substantially higher price at sale than they ever hope for. Check out these testimonials and see for yourself.

So, in the first instance, my advise to you is to first find out what your property is really worth, then have me explain to you in detail my strategy for selling your property for the best price possible. Strategy gets you top price!


"You managed it all like the master you are … Thanks Julia and I (especially me) getting very stressed at the end there and I was getting worried we might have missed a couple of targets. I have learned yet again to trust someone who actually is an experienced professional. I should know better! I am always annoyed at people who think they can play in my space. So sorry for my comments. You didn’t just meet, you exceeded my expectations on all levels … Thank you. You have really added hugely to our ability to start our new life."

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