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Murray Nickel
I work for you. That is a promise I make to every home owner who decides to sell through me. The negotiation starts when I first contact a buyer: every interaction could either have a positive or negative effect on how much they perceive a property to be worth. The results are proven in the price premiums owners who sold through me have enjoyed - in 2016 they averaged 31.3% or $103,800 above RV. That’s an extra 10-11% above the average for Wellington agents and private sellers – or roughly an extra $63,000 for an average Wellington home. I believe it is a privilege and honour to be entrusted with the sale of someone’s home or investment property, and while I will provide excellent service and information to buyers, I will make it clear that I work 100% in the interests of the seller. I know exactly how to manage the sales process to get the best possible result for sellers. I bring years of negotiation experience to work for sellers and my results prove the process I use works. If you only want to sell your house you may as well do it yourself, but if you’re after the best price, then it’s simple: you need me on your team. Ask me for a free appraisal of the market value of your property and I’ll share with you the 4 steps to getting an outstanding price result for the sale of your property. If you’re thinking of selling, and want the best price, we need to talk.