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Philip Whearty
Philip has been actively involved in real estate for more than 20 years. During this time he has successfully listed, marketed and sold many homes and sections. Philip grew up in rural New Zealand and developed his selling and people skills by working in the family dairy. One of his keenest skills is the ability to read people and distill the essentials when assisting people to market and sell their property. He is not distracted by the many less important issues. His focus is helping vendors and buyers to meet their reasons for engaging in the selling or buying transactional process. Every listing and sale is a highlight for Philip because he views each as a situation with unique clients with their particular needs and preferences. Philip is a people person and enjoys establishing a relationship of trust with vendors and buyers. Blair Double, Philip Whearty and Eddie Winkel are joint owners of DoubleWinkel Real Estate Ltd. Together they have successfully enhanced and expanded the business founded by Blairs father, Walter Double. The four offices are located in the northern suburbs of Wellington through to Levin. Philip is a hands on business owner. He enjoys working at the coal face of listing and selling real estate. He has resisted the temptation to slip into management which has meant that he keeps in tune with the experiences and challenges of the team members. Philip is a long standing keen and active member of the Rotary Club of Plimmerton since. He has held major offices in the Club including President in the 20042005 Rotary year. The Rotary Club is involved in local, national and international projects and Philip enjoys being involved in all of the Clubs activities. Philip holds a BSc degree. He is a Real Estate Licensee (ARIENZ) and a licensed auctioneer. It was during his time with the then Department of Public Health that he became aware of his ability and desire to help other people which eventually lead him into real estate. Philip regularly attends real estate and other relevant conferences, keeps up to date with latest trends by reading journals and attending visiting speakers and seminars. In all of the years of attending these sessions he is certain that he and his team have the very best basics in place. Throughout the years of working in a disruptive industry that is real estate Philip is fortunate to have had the unconditional support of his wife and 2 daughters. All of this has been compensated for by Philip being able to attend school functions such as sport, dance and cultural activities and being involved in family occasions. This would not have been possible with a 9-5 job. His elder daughter is attending university and the younger is well on her way to successfully complete secondary school. Philip is dedicated to providing vendors with the best possible service based on their specific needs and preferences. Buyers, too, can expect to receive preferential and focussed attention when selecting and viewing properties. For Philip the individual comes first then he matches marketing methods or properties to meet their individual needs. After the contract is signed people count Philip a person who has provided a high level of service and it is possible that some will have made a friend. Philips continued success is due to his ability to help customers through the ever increasing complexity of the sales process.