Selling your largest asset can be one of the biggest and most daunting personal decisions you will make and so I can only imagine how gut wrenching selling your home below true market value must feel.

It does not need to be like this.

Selling is a professional vocation that I have been involved in for over three decades. From vertical transportation sales in their millions, to managing the sales of hundreds of new homes built throughout Christchurch over the past decade. Sales has been my life and my passion.

Although new to the “Real Estate” industry, I see the skills I have developed over this time, a perfect fit to deliver sales outcomes that exceed the expectations of my customers.

You cannot survive in a sales industry without demonstrating dedication, integrity and commitment and I am sure these are the attributes you will want working for you.

Negotiation maybe stressful for many, but unless you can successfully negotiate you cannot deliver sales excellence.

There is never a defined way to sell a home. Each property and each home owner is different and as such the manner in which each sale is achieved will be unique to that property and that particular client.

Selling gives me a buzz. It is not about confrontation but about mutual exploration and a focus on each individual’s personal requirements to achieve a natural outcome.

The engagement of strategic marketing campaigns targeted to attract the right buyer at the right time will always be a focus but once we have attracted them then the real ‘art’ of selling begins.

Decades of matching my client’s expectations to the achieved outcomes has in no way dented my enthusiasm.

I would be genuinely excited and proud to market your home and achieve an outcome that will exceed your expectations.