Alex Ward - Property Brokers

Palmerston North

Alex Ward
Alex Ward is a dedicated, personable and diligent young man who has quickly been able to establish his presence in the Manawatu property market. In Alex’s view, in addition to his respect for traditional real estate, his principal strength is his approach in engaging a modern, multimedia platform marketing strategy designed to make the very best of your property and reach the largest possible number of potential buyers creating the opportunity to maximise the sale value. He has also developed, in partnership with Kevin Bills videography, an innovative addition to his approach by adding a digital media marketing campaign (video) which creates, urgency, competition, emotional attachment, and a moving visual connection to the property. He faces his chosen profession as a challenge to do the very best for his vendors and buyers. Alex did work for some time in a very competitive Wellington Real estate market and was very successful. He has come back to his hometown bringing back valuable insights and possible potential customers from his time in Wellington. Alex is thrilled to be back in the Manawatu and working in an extremely supportive environment that exists within the Property Brokers team.