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Terry Smith AREINZ
The first thing you need to know about Terry is that he is much more than just a real estate agent. Yes, he enjoys the autonomy, the ebb and flow, the unique situations to be problem solved, and the interesting people he’s made friends with along the way, but ultimately that’s not what drives him. So what makes Terry tick? Terry's an actively and enthusiastically involved grandfather living on a small lifestyle block with gardens, pets, and stock. Terry is one of those rare souls with enough self-awareness to know we can sometimes allow our identity and fulfillment to become entwined in our work to our detriment. Being a typically private and reserved Englishman, what he won’t tell you is that what really drives him is helping others. A long time supporter of World Vision, W.A.S.P., S.P.C.A., and the NZ Blood Service among others, in the past he was also the trust chairperson for Interactive (formerly Hamilton Sheltered Workshop). He also started a successful manufacturing business which he’s now handed onto his two son’s as a legacy for the future. And therein lies the key to what makes Terry tick, it’s not just selling houses, it’s legacy. It’s often said that the truth is found in holding two extremes in tension. In this case, Terry is not overly concerned with what people think of him, while at the same time, he believes he’ll find his best self by focussing more on what he wants to become known for. I think we could all spend more time pondering this. Terry’s reputation is more important that his income or the next deal. Terry has consistently been helping people to sell their homes using the value driven approach in order to generate higher prices while reducing the cost of selling by thousands. More importantly for Terry’s family though, his work is now more fulfilling, balance has been restored and the mission of redeeming a once negative-reputation industry in Hamilton is well and truly underway. And that's good news for everyone.