Pukeko - Auckland



Raj has 20 years of experience in servicing customer needs. He speaks Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi. This enables him to serve the international community well. Raj is a big supporter of the local community with deep links in these communities volunteering with Citizens Advice Bureau and Victim Support. He is highly qualified with a wide range of practical experience including working in the oil industry.

Why Me?

Raj is a good listener who is able to identify customer needs and find solutions which satisfy them.

Why Pukeko Rental Managers?

We use Fixed Term tenancies and do not charge Letting Fees to tenants to ensure there are no vacancies between tenancies.

If there is a problem - we do not just walk away!

We are so good at what we do - we make promises to you that others would be terrified to make. We make two serious promises to all of our clients. Read about the Pukeko promises here.