Mitchel Ter Weijden joined our team in August 2018 and brought with him energy, light and a LOT of hair. Fending off a tidal wave of applicants with his charm and quick-witted responses Mitch landed the job as our Junior Admin Support, AKA iGen Executive.

Whilst studying Law and Business at Auckland University, Mitch has spent enough time with us now and has inevitably caught the real estate bug - and so with his Real estate salespersons license now secured he is ready fo hit the ground running (albeit with less hair!). 

Mitch brings a serious side to the business too - his work ethic and work load efficiency is backed up by an easy going, friendly and welcoming approach to customers and clients. 

It's fair to say we are all pretty chuffed to have Mitch as a part of our team and with us. We’ve seen something pretty special in Mitch and we’re sure you will too. Keep an eye out on this rising real estate star!