Paul Jeeves - Ray White

Bream Bay

Paul Jeeves
Paul has spent the better part of the past 30 years involved in the Property industry. Whether it has been Real Estate, Development or Construction there is not a lot Paul has not seen or been involved in. His career has seen him live in the US, Ireland, the Middle East and throughout NZ. Being a 4 th generation Northlander, Paul has always had a great affinity for the Northland lifestyle which translates to a love of the water, golfing, sports and the outdoors. For the past 4 years Paul has owned and operated the biggest Paddleboard distribution business in NZ (distributing the world’s No. 1 brand, Red Paddle Co). Having been involved in an industry that is essentially about lifestyle Paul has gained a great appreciation for the need and benefits of a balanced living environment. This has become no more evident than when Paul and his family moved from Whangarei to One Tree Point. What Paul found in Bream Bay was the embodiment of that balanced lifestyle and this had led to the opportunity to combine his passions of Property and Paddleboarding. Paul believes that there is a synergy in Property and Paddleboarding and being able to help people get their slice of the Bream Bay lifestyle while also introducing Kiwis to Paddleboarding is a dream come true. Paul is all about the ‘P’s’ - Professional, Personable, Positive and most importantly People.