Bill Xu - Ray White

Browns Bay

Bill Xu
Friendly and approachable, Bill Xu is enthusiastic, dedicated and appreciates the importance of great customer service - always achieving the best outcome for his clients. An outgoing and energetic team member, Bill is multilingual, speaking Cantonese, Mandarin and English and successfully made the move to New Zealand since 2007. He appreciates different cultures and is popular with lots of friends and works with clients of all different ages and backgrounds - so when he helps people buy or sell their property he works from the most wide-ranging database and is best able to ensure your house or property sells quickly and achieves its full potential. With a history in customer service and very experienced in the hospitality industry, Bill is an ideal agent and perfectly suited to get the best results for you. You will find he works hard to provide the very best assistance and support, whether you are looking to sell, buy or maybe you just need to chat to someone and get some advice. Bill is always happy to go the extra mile - so contact Bill today and see how he and the team can help you.