Francis Ko - Ray White

City Apartments

Francis Ko
Francis recently joined the team at City Realty part of the Ray White family upon attaining his Real Estate sales certificate. He has a wealth  of experience in construction management as it has been his job for the past twenty-five years.  His experience as an engineering consultant will be valuable to his career as a real estate salesperson as he has a vast knowledge of feasibility reporting having been involved in many such reports across Auckland. Feasibility reporting involves evaluating the land and analysing how valuable the development of that land would be.  Francis has also been a construction manager for Daeju Construction Company and Mutiplex in New Zealand being involved in the construction of apartments in the Auckland CBD. Throughout his time in New Zealand, Francis has made many connections within the Korean community in the Catholic church. He  has also been working in Thailand for six years with a diverse range people from South East Asia. This will be a great advantage to Francis working in the multi cultural environment of New Zealand