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Lucia Gao
I have been involved in numerous aspects of real estate from project marketing, listing and selling, database management to client and seminar presentations. My main strength is my ability to communicate with people- being able to speak fluent English, Mandarin and Thai I can expose your property to the widest possible audience. I have an extensive database of clients spanning numerous countries that draws upon my experience in many aspects of life in many different countries. In particular my range of clients both domestically and overseas give me a significant audience to sell property through. Whether it is buying or selling I have the connections to give you the best total property experience. I have been involved with property since I was very young beginning when my grandfather worked at the Land and Resources Bureau in China. Real Estate has been a passion of mine for my whole life and finally I have made it my profession.  I have a very good eye for investing and profits and my client service is second to none. I consider myself an honest, open-minded, optimistic and ambitious person who loves a challenge. I am highly capable with the ability, drive and determination needed to succeed in winning business and creating opportunities. Come and talk to me, Lucia, if you are thinking of buying or selling.