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Scott Hickey
Scott Hickey is exceptionally well-primed to take care of your most significant investment. With a resume full of outstanding sales achievements, you might wonder why Scott chose to manage property rather than sell it; but the answer's simple: long-term relationships. His job satisfaction comes from building your first meeting into a lasting alliance; based on exceptional customer service, hard work and impressive results alongside mutual trust and respect. Scott’s relaxed, confident and personable manner was evident early on. At age five, he began a six-year guest stint as Radio Hauraki’s “The Junior Joker”, and later worked as a radio announcer for More FM. Subsequent customer-focused jobs produced a host of client testimonials, all with a central theme; Scott’s customer service exceeds any they’ve ever received. Scott’s previous occupation as a registered financial advisor is an asset; he gained valuable experience in the insurance and finance industry plus a grounding in home mortgage broking. Additionally, Scott’s private property projects revealed a definite talent for creating successful coalitions between landlords, tenants and tradespeople. He also developed his enthusiasm for maximising economic potential through astute property investment. In 2017, Scott gained a Certificate in Property Management, enriching his new role amongst New Zealand’s leading property managers. It’s safe to say that Scott will make the day-to- day care of your property not only effortless but enjoyable, too.