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Petko Petkov
Petko Petkov has been in love with houses since he was a child. The only things he liked to draw when he was in primary school in Bulgaria were houses, and one or two trees. So it seemed only natural when he went on to study Architectural Technology and Construction Management in Denmark. After that, he studied Sustainable Building Design in Sydney. And until recently he was Project Managing for Naylor Love Construction in Auckland. If anyone understands the whole process of turning a dream house in to your dream home, it’s Petko. As soon as he walks into a house he can see where a wall could be moved, a window put in, a roof raised. Or he can just see straight away the strengths each house has to offer a potential buyer. His unique knowledge of everything from design and planning, costing and management, negotiation and supervision to completion and selling, gives Petko the ability to genuinely engage with investors and developers, as well as every kind of home buyer. And he can certainly engage with empathy. Having lived in four countries and six cities, Petko relates easily with people. You’ll find he’s a very easy person to talk to and, unlike some Real Estate Agents you may have met, he really knows how to listen to his clients. Ask him and Petko will happily tell you that his deep commitment to karate and meditation has taught him that. But don’t think he’s some kind of hippy. Far from it, Petko is an active member of the Auckland Rotary Club, and he’s equally keen on surfing and motocross. More importantly, Petko is a natural Sales Person. He started his first business at the age of 9 and made a 33% profit on every sale. He sold Adidas tracksuits to his friends in high school and in Denmark he ran a successful fabric business. His parents say he could sell sand to the Egyptians. But he’ll be happy enough to sell your house to the best buyer he can find for you.