Sarah O'Neil - Ray White


Sarah O'Neil
If anyone knows Devonport better than Sarah, we’ve yet to meet them. Sarah grew up here, went to Takapuna Grammar and is a Shore girl through and through. Having said that, she also loves travelling and has lots of professional experience. Now she’s settled back home with a child at Devonport Primary and she’s raring to go. She’s brought her wealth of experience with her and joined Ray White as a fully licensed salesperson. Sarah’s previous career background was working with architects, which means she can comfortably steer you through the rules and regulations that come into play with any real estate transaction. Having said Sarah is raring to go, actually, the place she most likes going is out on the Gulf. She’s a self-confessed mad-keen fisherwoman. And that’s no real surprise; the sea runs in her family. Her Grandad was a Navy man and he was also Captain of the Devonport ferry. Sarah’s actually driven the Devonport ferry herself! In fact, there isn’t much Sarah doesn’t excel at in our opinion. Ask her about growing your own chillies and making your own tortillas. Her snapper tacos with homemade chipotle are to-die-for, she tells us. We’re hoping she’ll celebrate her next house sale by cooking up a batch.