Felicity Blackmore - Ray White


Felicity Blackmore
Felicity and Richie Blackmore know the meaning of 'team' probably more than most. As one of our country's more prominent Rugby League players, Richie's professional career spans from 1991 through to his retirement at the end of the 2000 season. During this time he played for Castleford and Leeds in the UK Super League, the Warriors in the NRL and achieved the highest honour in playing 25 tests for the Kiwi's. Since retirement Richie's enjoyed a successful coaching career taking several Auckland teams to victory in their respective competition Grand Finals and it's his innate understanding of the benefits of applying more than one person's talents towards the same goal that's played an integral part in this success. Felicity meanwhile is a qualified social worker with many years of experience in an industry which relies on grouping people's expert skills to achieve the best outcome for all parties. She also has the additional advantage of eight years experience with International Students aged 5-14 years at Shelton Studylink, an institution providing support to Korean, Chinese and Japanese students in New Zealand schools. Felicity aptly demonstrated her empathy and relatability to people of different ages and cultures helping to meet their leaner's needs and assist them to cope with the demands of studying in a new country. So with these individual skills and qualifications it's no surprise that when they decided to embark on a new career together they chose real estate. Where some couples would find working and living together a chore Felicity and Richie purposefully sought the opportunity, knowing how well their individual strengths work in unison. These same skills are a huge advantage when negotiating property transactions in the booming growth area of Drury, Karaka, Bombay and throughout rural Franklin. Describing each other's traits beautifully Richie says when Felicity meets new people, "she lights up with a natural excitability that is contagious" adding "Her warmth is both positive and embracing. "Felicity says "Richie's all about making a difference and it's his natural charisma, diligence and ability to communicate creatively which really sets him apart. "When asked why they chose real estate their answers were almost simultaneous, "Relationships." Their replies ring with authenticity and you're left with no doubts as to their priorities in life. As one of their clients you can be assured they'll make you a priority too. If you wish to find these two outside work you may need to hop on a plane or a boat; they love travelling internationally or day tripping. Otherwise you can safely assume they'll be spending time with their friends and family, an activity which gives this pair the life balance required to work to the best of their ability in their chosen field.