Ashlee Low - Ray White


Ashlee Low
Having a fresh approach to real estate is one of Ashlee’s main objectives. Whether selling, purchasing or just understanding real estate is your need, Ashlee is always more than happy to assist.  Ashlee has been a musician from a very young age and feels that the two subjects relate quite closely together. Confidence and knowledge are key to both, and with combining music and real estate, Ashlee has hit the nail on the head. Professionalism, integrity and pure determination to achieve you the best results is what gives her that special edge.  Ashlee and her husband purchased their first property two years ago, so she understands first-hand the struggles and stress that you can come across when dealing with real estate, but then also the ultimate reward within both as well.   Ashlee has made it her mission to help clients and customers with the wider picture of real estate as she believes there is more to it than simply just purchasing and selling.