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Molly Ferdinand
Born and raised in a small town on the eastern coast of Canada, Molly was brought up in a large family atmosphere with strong family morals. ‘Maritimers’ are known for being hard workers with a solid work ethic and Molly is no exception. After graduating high school, Molly moved on to study psychology at Saint Mary’s University in her province’s capital city of Halifax. After her studies, Molly moved to Alberta to join the work force as many young people from the Maritimes often do. During her 8 years there, she attained a great deal of experience in both sales and business management. Starting a health and wellness company is one of her greatest accomplishment. Molly has a strong desire to serve those around her and she prides herself in delivering an exceptional customer experience in any role she takes. Since making the move to New Zealand, Molly has enjoyed her role in real estate. Her genuineness and sincerity provide home owners and buyers with a sense of ease. If you are looking to sell your home and value hard work and transparency, please call Molly today!