Rosamund McDonald - Ray White


Rosamund McDonald
Rosamund’s positive, warm-hearted nature, combined with a determination to get things done, makes for a winning combination in Real Estate. She is a trustworthy and loyal agent and it is of upmost importance to her that she gives a first class service to all her clients. Coming from a military and musical background, for Rosamund discipline and focus are second nature. Her degree in performance music (followed by 8 years as an instrumentalist at Buckingham Palace) shaped her passion for beauty, details and getting it right. As a mother she understands the needs of families, while as a professional person she understands business. After more than 8 years, Rosamund has developed a thorough knowledge in the field of Real Estate, with an established reputation as a hard-working, cheerful and personable salesperson whose professionalism is unquestionable. Whether you are selling or buying, Rosamund would love to hear from you.