Not every home owner wants the same result, and a single method doesn't suit every person, every property, location or time of year. I've been selling real estate since January 2014 and have sold just about every kind of property there is.

- rentals and owner occupying homes

- sections and earthquake damaged properties

- leasehold titles and mortgagee situations

- marital separations and estate sales

- townhouses and developments

- first homes and last homes

- apartments and over 60s units

- from $150,000 to $1,456,000.

I've put properties on the market and withdrawn them without sale when the market price didn't match the vendor price and I've also achieved some spectacular results with vendors booking trips around the world afterwards. Regardless of the situation most aspects of my role do not change - your wants and needs are the most important piece of the puzzle.

There truly is no job too big or too small. I work to help you achieve the best outcome and get you moving. Give me a call for a free appraisal. The only cost is not knowing the way forward.


Jonathan Douglas

"Ian's guidance through the maze of selling a house has been invaluable. He was clear, concise & pleasant do deal with. The time and effort he applied to getting the best possible price for our house is commendable. Thanks for everything Ian."

Darryl and Kim

"Ian’s honest and open personality and thorough knowledge of the home we bought through him in Christchurch in July 2020 prompted me to contact him with regards to selling our property in Greymouth. He thoroughly researches and has a genuine interest in you as a person and makes you feel like your property is his only priority, even though I know he has many on the go! A wonderful asset to your team you should be very proud of his work ethics and caring attitude towards clients. 🙌😁"
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