Andy Ling - Ray White


Andy Ling
Andy hails from Hefei, China – 400 km’s west of Shanghai. He studied International Economics & Trade at University before reaching Auckland’s shores in 2004.  His first job in NZ was making dumplings for $5 an hour – not exactly the Kiwi lifestyle he’d been dreaming of. 10 years on and Andy was a King! Not of New Zealand, but of Bayview – having co-founded the Kings of Bayview team. Married to Jamie who together have 3 young children, Andy lives in Pemberton Ave – meaning he spends day and night in Bayview. He’s occasionally let out of the suburb for good behavior. Speaking fluent Mandarin, as well as being a well practiced and well connected negotiator, Andy’s passion is helping NZ’s ever-growing Chinese-born residents buy and sell property here in Auckland – a community that in recent years has made up over 60% of the buyers in Bayview. Andy’s favourite band is the 1990’s Irish rock group ‘The Cranberries’. No-one knows why.