James Hanright - Ray White

Hamilton City Property Management

James Hanright
Residing in Hamilton for the last decade and having worked in property management for the best part of the last seven years, James Hanright has excellent knowledge of the local Hamilton rental market. Having worked in the trades for many years James has a keen eye for property maintenance and believes that speed, communication and efficiency are the most important factors when dealing with complicated tenancy issues.  James is also a qualified educator, having tertiary education up to a post graduate level he has developed the work flow and time management skills to ensure that nothing goes unattended.  Outside of work James is a musician and has spent many years performing around the county and writing and recording music. He is also an avid fan of travelling and enjoys getting lost in the  far flung corners of the world.  He is a focused task master who brings a Swiss army knife of skills to the position and is best known for being  knowledgeable, approachable and providing excellent property management solutions. If you are looking for a professional, that has integrity, expertise and experience then look no further than James Hanright.