Introducing Jotham Wrampling who brings an immense work ethic, commitment and passion to see people accomplish their goals. As an ex-professional rugby player, his dedication and willpower to endure to the end have taken him far in his sporting career across the world at a young age. His qualities and attributes from rugby have instilled in him his competitive nature and a strong mind-set to chase success whether that be little or big. He believes in celebrating every win and taking each hard lesson as a learning curve to become better. 

Jotham’s love for real estate developed while he brought his home in Hamilton, the feeling of buying and moving in inspired him to make plans to jump into the industry, to give others the opportunity to experience the same feelings, he currently owns a landscaping and gardening company and is a director of an app company he believes that real estate is a perfect way to communicate with all types of people, and aims to support its clients positively and meaningfully.

Aiming for the best result isn’t new to Jotham, with his competitive nature he believes there is very little difference from professional sports and real estate. he will not let you down, making the process run as smoothly as possible ensuring he reaches the best result for his clients.

Some of the most satisfying aspects of a career in real estate is matching people with the places where memories can be created. That is what Jotham see’s most important in his role because he plays a meaningful part in other people’s lives. 

Jotham understands French and Japanese language and prides himself of his Samoan heritage. During his free time, Jotham enjoys getting outdoors with family and friends diving and helping out the community by coaching rugby. Family is clearly everything to Jotham and promises the same service to families and people of his community.