Rebecca Wang - Ray White

Hamilton City

Rebecca Wang
Introducing our new, savvy Property Manager, Rebecca Wang. Rebecca comes from a background in Law, Psychology, and Banking and is looking forward to using her experience to benefit you in reaching your goals. She has a passion for people, property and problem solving.  Rebecca was originally born in China, but migrated to New Zealand when she was 3 years old. Although she arrived in New Zealand so young, she continued to attend Chinese language lessons for many years. This has provided her the ability to converse fluently in Mandarin (Chinese), as well as in English, which is handy for our growing Chinese community.  She has been living in Hamilton for the last 15 years, so has first hand local knowledge of Hamilton and the larger Waikato area and all it can offer. Rebecca is eager to pass her knowledge and experience on to assist your individual needs. She is able to confidently converse with a diverse range of people, as communication is one of Rebecca’s main strengths. This is a great new opportunity if you have been looking for a Mandarin speaking Property Manager to be able to better communicate your needs. Rebecca is a driven, motivated and passionate individual. This can be demonstrated by her commitment to graduate with a Conjoint Bachelor’s degree at the University of Waikato, with an LLB (Major in Law), and a BA (Major in Psychology, Minor in Political Science).  Rebecca has been successful during her professional career, first started her professional career at the age of 16, when she was offered a banking internship. She now has 7 years worth of banking experience, as well as specialising in Commercial Banking for the last two years. Rebecca has honed her customer service and people skills, as she started her professional career at such a young age.  Contact Rebecca today to benefit from her knowledge and the unique skills she offers as a professional Ray White Property Manager.