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Darren Mavji
  Buying, selling and renovating, is nothing new to Darren! Darren has been involved in buying and selling residential properties for over 10 years, having appreciation for both sides of the fence as a buyer and seller. He believes his expertise to be negotiating; negotiation is a skill that can only be fine-tuned with experience. It goes without saying that leaving your property in the hands of inexperienced individuals could cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of stress. He believes consistent and honest communication is necessary between all parties at all times. He works with the buyer but always for the Vendor. As Darren’s Vendor you will know everything he knows about your property - i.e. positive and negative feedback, level of interest, number of buyers, who they are and what they are saying about your property. For Darren, it's not about a quick sale. He strongly believes it’s about ensuring the market has had an opportunity to view your property and an opportunity to offer. He uses deadline marketing to ensure competition and a premium price. His job is to ensure that you get maximum money possible for your property. Darren himself carries out all appointments, He ensures he introduces clients to the property himself, is involved in valuations, building inspections and working with brokers to get finance approved. This allows him to manage the process, the people and most importantly the outcome. Darren is proud to say that people employ him for the reason stated above and this is further illustrated by the fact that 90% of his business is repeat business. Darren is a Multi Award Winning agent call him today if you are thinking of selling.