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Dale Vanderhoof
Dale Vanderhoof - REINZ, BAppMgt, ANZIM, AIPMNZ, ANZAPC, IGC Dale arrived in New Zealand from Canada in 1963 on the first stage of a world tour.  Seeing the many employment opportunities he chose to stay and entered Government Service where he trained as a Child Welfare Officer and later transferred to the Probation Service. Seeing opportunities in the private sector he left the Probation Service In 1969 and in the following years was employed by such organisations as IBM, NCR, Philips Electronics and Mobil Oil in various marketing, sales, management training, education and mentoring roles until entering real estate in 1989. During Dale’s tenure in real estate, he has had multiple responsibilities ranging from residential and commercial selling, Franchisee, locum Branch Manager, Business Project Manager, National Compliance Manager and Training Development Manager responsible for writing an interactive electronic Real Estate Policy Manual. He also contracted to the TOPNZ (The Open Polytechnic of NZ) in conjunction with the NZQA and the REINZ to develop and write three management modules for the National Diploma in Real Estate. Even though Dale left the public sector he retained a strong desire to serve the community in a variety of ways, including training as a Life Coach, Marriage Guidance Counsellor, Family Therapist, Family Court Counsellor, Judicial Justice of the Peace (retired), Hospice Co-Presenter 'Coping with Grief', Cancer Society Volunteer and Volunteer Support Worker with Victim Support.   Dale by nature is a 'people person' and real estate is a 'people business'. He enjoys the real estate challenge of helping both vendors and purchasers to achieve their real estate aspirations and vision.