Jash Singh - Ray White


Jash Singh
Jash brings exceptional advertising and marketing experience to the team. Having been trained by one of Ray White Manukau's top agents Levani Lum-On. While managing the back end of campaigns for Team Levani, he has learned the procedures required for having a smooth and successful sale for all whom are involved.  Being fluent in 3 Languages, Jash also helps proficiently in catering towards clients ensuring both parties are crystal clear on communication, thus eliminating any barriers. With a true passion for people, Jash takes this enthusiasm along into his work, as he believes "A good marketing campaign starts from within". Which is reflected in the outstanding results he has generated for Team Levani in a short period. Real Estate transactions can be stressful times for both vendors and purchasers. Understanding this, Jash goes above and beyond in his tasks, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable process is established.