Tania Kataria - Ray White


Tania Kataria
Real estate salesperson, Tania Kataria, knows how to spot an opportunity and she has the kind of youth and energy that can make a real difference in the sale or purchase of your home.   Fresh from her studies, Tania was involved in the sale of her first family home and the purchase of the next one. Observing the real estate salespeople in action, she spied a chance to do something she loved. Within a few months, she’d gained her salesperson’s licence and successfully secured employment with Ray White Manurewa; one of the largest, most reputable real estate companies in South Auckland.   Tania’s vision didn’t stop there. Showing innate resourcefulness, she inspired her brother, Vishal Kataria, to unite forces. The pair joins an emerging trend of successful and productive sales teams who can offer more time, information and assistance to their clients. Both siblings have a clear understanding of each other’s capabilities and work together to maximise them, and their fluency in Punjabi, Hindi and English facilitates better communications with a much broader client base.   Previous work experience in her family's retail business has put Tania ahead of the pack when it comes to sales and customer care. Confident and energetic, she is recognisable for her engaging, friendly smile, has a genuine knack for getting to know people and makes long-lasting connections.