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Ian Wheaton
I’ve tried a few different careers in my lifetime and I thought retirement would be my last change. I tried it for about 12 months and took care of some things around the home that had been on the back burner for a while. But I found that I was missing what I love to do. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to work with people and to help deliver them their ultimate dream when it comes to selling their home. I achieve this by using the experience I have gathered over many years, combining it with the tools that are made available through working with a great real estate company and loads of common sense. Most real estate salespeople may be able to sell your home but not all of them will acquire the same result. An extra 2% on a million dollar sale is $20,000. 10% is $100,000. My past results speak for themselves. It could cost you a lot less than you think to achieve a great result than it will to achieve an ok result. To speak with me about your pending real estate transaction will cost you nothing. To not speak with me about your pending real estate transaction could be very costly indeed!