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New Brighton

Michael Calder
Introducing Michael Calder, your approachable, yet straight-talking real estate salesperson.  Armed with a genuine and friendly nature, a wealth of industry knowledge and a background in marketing, Michael has the required skill set to create an outstanding result, regardless of perceived market conditions. Michael's tireless work ethic is admired by his colleagues and competition. Considering buying? Michael and his full-time personal assistant are always available to sit down and actually listen to your ambitions and requirements, then go to all lengths to find that perfect next property for you. Once found, their job doesn't end there, they understand that constant communication ensures a smooth transaction. Considering selling? Michael prides his success on clear communication throughout the marketing campaign. From campaign calendars, so you know exactly what Michael is doing for you each day, through to direct and honest buyer feedback, so you can make an educated decision to move forward accordingly. From your initial meeting with Michael, you will rest assured that his energy and efforts will create the very best outcome for your personal situation. With the additional support of his award-winning business partner, James Klemick, and his personal assistant, Catherine Coleman, it is assured that Michael Calder and his team will deliver a service far beyond that of the industry standard.  Call Michael today 0274451949.