Peri Norriss - Ray White


Peri Norriss
Peri was raised in Hastings but has lived in the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland for 25 years and has an in-depth understanding of the area. She sees her role as supporting her clients, so they can maximise their success and achieve their property dreams. Her focus is on doing right by her clients. Fundamentally, it’s about ensuring she exceeds clients’ expectations – if they’re happy, she’s happy.   With a strong background in the finance industry, Peri has over 20 years’ experience in the banking sector. After leaving the banking environment, she decided to move into real estate as in her experience the people who do well financially make great property investment decisions. Peri wanted to be a part of that so she could assist her clients with their property transactions.   Peri believes the way you make people feel when they do business with you, is how you create long-term client relationships. She respects her clients and holds in high esteem the team she works with and their track record. When Peri was invited to join Ray White she knew immediately it would be a fantastic fit.   Peri works hard to make sure buyers and sellers get the best deal possible. She likes to form long-term relationships with her clients to assist them along the path to achieve their financial goals. Her clients are often repeat business, who ask Peri to sell other properties for them or pass her details on to their friends and family. She genuinely cares about her clients and puts their best interests first. That’s why she’s had success exceeding clients’ expectations at auctions and in other property matters. Peri takes her work and the responsibility of her clients extremely seriously – therefore she has established credibility and trust in the industry.