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Albert Liu
       I have been a Realestate Salesperson since 2010.  Realestate is one of the best ways to secure your assets.  The value of properties will constantly increase over time and the sooner you purchase your property the more value you are going to receive over time.       Whether it is to own your own Home or Investment you can always seek advice from me.  I know many people have a lot of questions regarding TC1, TC2, TC3 lands and I am able to clarify any questions you might have.        My background have been Project Manager for a Geotechnical industries as well as have vast knowlegde in Construction industry in both Residential and Commercial industries.        Please let me know if you require any assistance with any of properties and don't hesitate to give me a call.  We can arrange a suitable time to meet all your expectations as a professional Real Estate Salesperson. Albert Liu +64 27 507 7028 Urgent on 021 12 567 00