Sophie Baxter - Ray White


Sophie Baxter
As a property manager for Ray White Damerell Group, Sophie prides herself on her ability to communicate with landlords and tenants in a timely and efficient manner. Her honest and friendly approach is refreshing and sees all that she meets treated with equal respect and kindness – a very important value she strives to achieve every day. Having completed a law degree, worked in the telecommunications industry and starting her property management career in a tougher part of town, no problem is too big or too small for Sophie's attention. With not all applicants for available properties being successful and their need to find a home incredibly real, Sophie was determined to stay in contact with those people to help them find something else. As such, she set up and daily maintains the Ray White Damerell Group prospective tenant database – one of the few to exist – and ensures that twice a week, those who are still looking for a new home receive our latest listings. With over 2300 people now registered on the database, it has made a huge difference in terms of exposure and reassures those on it that we are genuinely determined in helping them to secure their next home. Landlords and tenants benefit from her broad knowledge of technology, passion for property management and unbeatable energy levels, allowing the already high level of respect for her within the industry to continue with Ray White Damerell Group Property Management.