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Richard Parnell
Richard is building a reputation for great results. Since joining Villa Realty, he has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and the sales skills that have achieved results for clients that has changed their lives.  One of Richard’s greatest successes was a series of sales where there was no doubt that Richard had been the reason for changing the lives of 2 families. Anita an Alan sold their home about 12 years ago. Richard was their agent when they sold that property. The dream was to live the good life. They bought some land about a year later. The plan was that they would move their house bus on to the property and one day they would build a house to live in. But life and money had other ideas and the house never happened and the dream looked like it would never come true. Then one day Richard turned up at their doors step. He said to them “I think I can get you ridiculous money for your property”. Anita and Alan trusted Richard and Richard had a plan. The government valued Anita and Alan’s property at $370,000. Richard sold their property for a record breaking $1,750,000. Alan and Anita have now bought a house with indoor plumbing and enough land for all their animals. Anita and Alan are planning an overseas trip and Alan is looking forward to riding his custom Harley.  Murray and Robyn bought their property for $380,000 in 2003. Then one day Richard knocked on their door and said, “I think I can get you ridiculous money.” The government valued the property at $770,000. Richard sold their property for $2,150,000. Murray and Robyn have now bought a New home and have money left over. With over 16 years experience selling Real Estate there are hundreds of success stories involving Richard. He has the experience and knowledge to achieve the best result and a passion for Real Estate that is infectious.  He trains and works hard to ensure that when his vendors employ him to sell their property that he is the best agent he can be to ad value to the successful sale of their property. If you asked Richard what his favourite past time is when he is not selling Real Estate, he would say Real Estate.