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Ricky Cave
Experience. AREC (Australasian Real Estate Conference) - Guest Speaker to 4,000 delegates Total Success Summit - Guest Speaker with Arnold Schwarzenegger Number 13 Salesperson - Ray White NZ 2016/17 Number 8 Salesperson - Ray White NZ 2015/16 Number 3 Supreme Growth - Ray White NZ 2014/15 Number 1 Sales Team - Team Ricky Cave - Ray White Remuera 2015 Number 1 Office - Ray White Remuera - Ray White International 2015, 2016, 2017 Number 1 Office - Ray White Remuera - Ray White NZ 2015, 2016, 2017 Experience. A role model to new and seasoned salespeople alike, Ricky possesses an evident and infectious passion for every property. It is this unflinching dedication to perfection, adaptability, creativity and service that enables him to deliver great results in real estate time and time again. Experience. Ricky embraces up to the minute processes to ensure your property is seen by a distinct demographic and audience, with a focus on social media. No stone is left unturned and all options are investigated when considering your home and the buying audience for it. He takes the time to understand where your property sits. Experience. Within his own personal team, Ricky has a dedicated Operations Manager and Sales Associate. This team approach not only ensures swift and successful sales but also allows for thorough exploration of every avenue for marketing. Possessing a highly recognisable brand within a well-respected company, your home is placed in prestige position with fully designed and distinctive marketing material. Experience. When you want your Real Estate journey to be an experience that is built on experience - you want Team Ricky Cave. Experience our new home at 411 Remuera Road, now providing you with a world class facility to assist in your real estate needs.