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Steve Garcia
Steve Garcia has sold over 100 homes within the last 2 years - safely facilitating the journey for close to 200 families, earning him the title of Rising Star for the North-Island with his previous agency. His passion for supporting people, combined with his energy, delivers results that make him a much sought after real estate professional. Steve's attention to detail, and his ability to really get to know his clients, their homes, and where they are located, gives him a distinct advantage when selling property - being thorough means a smoother journey for all. Proud of his superior negotiating skills, Steve continually sets new property benchmarks with the results he achieves. His desire to supply all parties with in-depth information needed to make informed decisions and the high level of service he provides define Steve's success trajectory - and your own.   Steve is known for his absolute determination and drive to be the best in the business and he is certainly paving the way for young people in the real estate industry to aspire to. Steve values the importance of honest, healthy relationships with his clients and works with intention to build and maintain lifelong partnerships. For a property professional who is friendly, hardworking and offers service of an exceptional standard, call Steve today.