Briah’s previous career in the UK’s financial sector stands her in good stead for the negotiating required in this role. In fact, dealing with some of the chairmen and women of multimillion pound pension portfolios was occasionally, and with the benefit of hindsight, an easier role than that required in Real Estate!

A Master’s degree gained just a couple of years ago, whilst working full time, shows Briah’s determination to be challenged and reach even further.

A ready sense of humour plus an excellent work ethic means that Briah delivers a service you will remember and recommend. Indeed, the recommendations started very quickly in her Real Estate career and ensure a ready flow of business that keeps her mind sharp and her negotiation skills honed.

With a steely determination behind the smile and a very capable team supporting her, Briah really will deliver the personalised service you should aspire to when selling your home. That is a guarantee that both she, and First National, stand by.