Brodie Pritchard - Ray White

Royal Oak

Brodie Pritchard
Brodie is extremely proud to say he was born and raised in Auckland. Being raised in a family that was hugely successful in business, Brodie gained a solid foundation of good business ethics and principals.  This solid grounding has guided him on the right path to build and establish quality long term relationships with all clients and this continues to benefit his chosen career in Real Estate. Brodie also excelled in sport playing the highly competitive Auckland Rugby circuit from an early age at College Rifles Rugby Club for 12 years. He then progressed to secondary school at Auckland Grammar School where he played at a representative level for a further 3 years. The values gained from being ‘just one part’ of some great Teams throughout these years has also helped Brodie to maintain a clear focus towards achieving the right outcome for his clients!  As a 5th generation realtor Brodie flourished in his first-year listing and selling real estate in one of Auckland’s most competitive markets, Ponsonby. Following this Brodie was approached to join one of New Zealand’s leading Real Estate teams. Brodie excelled in this role over a 4 year tenure, actively being involved in all aspects of listing and selling literally hundreds of properties in Royal Oak, Onehunga, One Tree Hill and surrounding suburbs. Continuing to sell real estate in an area that he knows and feels passionate about Brodie now forges his own future in real estate as a full partner in his own Team - Wolff & Pritchard – Daniel Wolff & Brodie Pritchard, a dynamic duo of two high performance sales people that bring a wealth of knowledge, skill, care and competence to all their dealings. We are extremely confident that their combined professionalism and tenacity will ensure the best possible outcome for all of their clients and customers. Please call Brodie or Daniel today…