Frazer Mackenzie-Johnson - Ray White

Royal Oak

Frazer Mackenzie-Johnson
After his studies in both Business & the Arts, Frazer Mackenzie-Johnson gravitated towards Sales where he quickly rose through the ranks of one of New Zealand’s longest established fashion retail companies. Beginning in frontline sales management, it was not long before Frazer was promoted to general manager and, eventually, a major shareholder.  Upon selling his shares in this company, Frazer gravitated towards property, a field he had grown accustomed to since childhood. Growing up in New Plymouth, Frazer’s parents were prominent interior designers and property flippers. He learned early to appreciate real estate, the process, what buyers are looking for in a home, and how to make a successful sale. Frazer found real estate to be the perfect repository for his combined business acumen and artistic sensibility. Now, with a wealth of sales and brokerage experience, and having only worked in upscale design and people-based industries, Frazer is an ideal agent to assist with buying and selling the beautiful homes he has come to specialise in. A long-term resident of the area, Frazer’s a specialist in the life and culture of the Meadowbank-St Johns block, and particularly with its homes. A studious agent, he is particularly attentive while conducting a listing, and misses no opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome for a property sale. You’ll have his complete focus and attentive service from beginning to successful end. Working with Frazer, you will find him to be naturally energetic but with an ease and integrity that builds confidence. As with fashion, he goes to every length to find a bespoke approach that will achieve your property goals. Working closely with his Interior Designer Mother to provide a full service and polished client experience. The results of which speak for themselves in his sales, having sold many properties when others couldn’t. A one-time snow-sports competitor and youth coach, Frazer balances a busy real estate career with snowboarding when he can. He is also a talented jazz musician, and an avid cook with an interest in organic gardening and nutrition. Frazer MJ - Knowledgable, Approachable and Transprant in his care and service