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Justine and Brendan
We have a single goal: Give property owners a better result and experience than they could wish for. There’s a common thread to what we do and it’s the thing that energises us the most. To use who we are, who we know and what we are expert at, to help people succeed. There are three common results that everyone wants from the sale of their property: The highest price In their ideal time-frame With the least amount of disruption and stress As property owners, we know these are the results you want and we have the experience and expertise to deliver them to you. Understanding and delivering what is most important to you, is the most important thing to us. We do this by focussing on the four key pillars you need: Clarity Confidence Insight Assurance With a clear strategy, astute advice and the right agent, selling your home can be an exciting and rewarding enterprise. With us managing the process, you will be able to act with confidence. We have over fourteen years of combined real estate experience and have proven skills in sales, marketing and project management. We have been extremely effective in building and managing strong client relationships throughout our professional careers. We are both family orientated people that believe in community, sustainability and in being generous. We operate with integrity and transparency and stand by our word. We are here to help, not harass. But real estate jargon can be dull and talk can be cheap, so we prefer to demonstrate how we deliver the best result and experience for our clients. If you’re a property owner and our approach resonates with you, we could be a good fit.