Elena Heinrihsone - Ray White

St Heliers

Elena Heinrihsone
Finding the right house or finding the right buyer for a house can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Back in 2015 Elena met a young woman in Mission Bay who was adopted from Russia at the age of 3. Her dream was to find her blood sister that she knew she had in Russia. There was no name, no birth date, not a lot of information to work with. Really wanting to help Elena spent 10 days on the internet and found the sister. One girl in the whole of Russia – a needle in a haystack, right? Elena is confident that with her dedication she will be able to find you the best buyer or that perfect house. Elena fell in love with the Eastern Bays 11 years ago and the area has been her home ever since, she feels this is the great part of Auckland for her son to grow up in. She has bought and sold a lot of houses over the years and her experience as both buyer and seller makes it very easy for her to relate to her clients and understand their needs. She will analyse properties to meet her clients’ specific requirements and maximise investment potential. Elena came to Ray White from a 15 year career as an accounts administrator and accountant. Timing, accuracy, attention to detail, problem solving attitude helped Elena with her previous work. Elena is looking forward to meeting her future clients and being of help.