Having won multiple awards over the years for his exceptional sales accomplishments and outstanding customer service success, licensed real estate salesperson Robert Stokvis embraced real estate in 2021. This professional careerstep synchronized all his relevant skills, life experiences and passion for property. With strong family connections to the eastern bays, Robert is dedicated to serving this coastal community with a focus also on apartment owners and buyers in his city neighbourhood.

Proud of his Dutch heritage, Robert spent his formative years in the Bay of Plenty. Moving to Auckland he hit his straps as an exceptionally talented vehicle salesperson winning company accolades and reaping formidable sales results setting him on a path to his own top performing dealership. He was a trailblazer throughout the entire 1990s importing used vehicles and spent years travelling between New Zealand and Japan. As a backdrop to this he was investing in property and subsequently ran two successful Panmure dealerships before moving into real estate and joining Maguires One Team at St Heliers.

Robert has enormous courage, grit and resilience equipping him well for the roller coaster ride that real estate can sometimes be for all involved. For an agent who is fearless, determined and staunchly committed to the end goal – there’s no one who comes close to Robert for sheer persistence and hard work. Incredibly social, well-connected and a great lover of people, he is immensely intuitive and respectful of not only his clients but also the process they have hired him to manage on their behalf. Robert loves nothing better than to help people solve a problem and uses all his marketing and negotiation smarts to hammer out a deal that will delight sellers and buyers alike.

When not selling property, Robert is a keen mountain biker, gym-goer, runner, and swimmer, spending time catching up with friends and family when time permits.