Matthew Robertson - Ray White


Matthew Robertson
Born and raised in Auckland’s eastern suburbs, Matthew Robertson is part of a new band of communication-savvy, high energy, ambitious young real estate agents who are breaking new ground in the selling and marketing of residential property. Recently qualified, Matthew is eager to increase his expertise working in with his colleagues and benefit from the support extended by the Ray White team he has aligned himself with. His passion for real estate means he welcomes every ounce of experience with open arms. Matthew’s educational background and strong family values has prepared him to offer local area knowledge, great networks and a work ethic that creates “service with excellence” for his real estate clients. The advice from his family and their connections in real estate encouraged him to pursue his career in the industry and now, as a Sales Associate newly recruited to Team Faz under the auspices of Maguires One Team at the Stonefields office, Matthew is excited about the challenges ahead. In his spare time, Matthew loves to get into the great Kiwi outdoors and go fly fishing and boating around Lake Taupo.